Do you offer daycare services?

Yes, Pets are welcome to stay for the day, or overnight, depending on your needs.

What will my pet do during the day?

From scheduled eating times, to social hours, to daytime playtime, your pet will have a variety of activities throughout the day.  We also offer grooming services which can take place during your pet’s stay or with scheduled daytime appointments.

How long can my pet stay at Royal York Pet Motel?

Your pet is welcome to stay for the day, weekend, week, month, or even longer depending on your needs.  We will work with each individual owner to meet their needs for dog or cat care.

Will cats and dogs be in the same area?

No.  Though some pets are used to living with the opposite breed, others are not.  We keep all cats and dogs separated to ensure the comfort and safety of all our guests.

What dog immunizations are required?

We require dogs to be up to date on their rabies vaccine, DHLP-Parvo and their Bordetella vaccine.

What cat immunizations are required?

We require cats to be up to date on their rabies vaccine and their FVRCP vaccine.

My pet has a special diet – What should I do?

Simply let us know any special dietary requirements when you schedule your stay or drop off your pet.  Our staff will ensure all dietary needs are met while you are away; including medications, treats, or specific food preparation needs.

My pet requires medication – What should I do?

Simply bring your pet’s medications and dosage instructions when you arrive.  Our staff will ensure that all medications are dispensed as directed by your veterinarian.

What happens if my pet needs medical attention during his/her stay?

Our experienced staff can address any concerns with your veterinarian and take appropriate action at your direction.

Can I check on my pet while I’m away?

Absolutely!  Feel free to c all and see how much they are enjoying their stay.

What happens if there is a power outage?

We are prepared for emergency power needs with a backup generator on-site so no pet is left in the dark!